Knuckles The Echidna
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Knuuckles The Echidna is a newcomer in Project M: Universe. 


  • Neutral B: Rock Throw - Knuckles picks up a large rock and tosses it at his opponent. When in the air, the rock falls from the sky.
  • Side B: Drill Claw - Knuckles rushes forward like a drill. When he connects with his opponent, they are hit upward.
  • Up B: Fire Knuckle - Knuckles leaps upward, fist first.
  • Down B: Drill Dive - Knuckles digs underground. He is able to move around underground.


  • Knuckles can use Rock Throw to keep his opponents off stage.
    • ​Rock Throw also gives Knuckles super armor.
  • Knuckles' smash attacks have good knockback and deal decent damage. His forward smash attack has massive power, his down smash has a meteor effect, and up smash has fairly good knockback.
  • Knuckles' forward and down air are easy sweet-spot meteor smashes.
  • Knuckles' Drill Dive is easier to access from the air; short hopping into Drill Dive can be a faster way to go underground.
  • Knuckles is able to glide, allowing a easy vertical recovery.


  • Although his smash attacks have great power, they have very slow start up speeds, making it easier to dodge and counter.
  • Drill Dive is an easily countered move; the opponent can follow where you go and shield when you come out of the ground.

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