Shadow The Hedgehog
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Shadow The Hedgehog is a newcomer in Project M: Universe.


  • Neutral B: Chaos Spear - Shadow throws a spear of Chaos. Is able to be charged.
  • Side B- Chaos Dash - Shadow dashes forward.
  • Up B - Chaos Control - Shadow warps to other a selected location.
  • Down B - Chaos Warp - Shadow disappears and travels to a selected location on the ground.


  • Shadow's Chaos Dash is a great combo starter and recovery option for him.
  • Shadow's forward and up aerials are his most useful aerial moves. Up air is great for starting air combos, and forward air is a great way to end the combo or kill the opponent.
  • The neutral air is a great way for Shadow to rack up damage.
  • Forward throw is a kill move.
  • If timed right, down smash can kill at 80%.
  • Chaos Warp gives Shadow invincibility throughout the duration of the attack.


  • Down smash has a lot of start up lag. If read properly, it can be countered with a shield.
  • Chaos Warp can be blocked by shield.
  • Chaos Dash can only be used once in the air. If you get damaged while recovering, you'll have to resort to jumps and Chaos Control.

Color PaletteEdit

  • soon to come*

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